Group Outings

Non-profit organizations receive a discounted rate of 10% off the standard cost of any activity. For every 20 people that come, one person goes free. A copy of the organization's tax-exempt certificate must accompany payment to receive the discount. Call for more information. 1 (888) 270-2410 or 1 (585) 343-4710

Group Leaders

Do you know other people who share your love of fun and adventure? Why not organize your co-workers, family members, friends, or schoolmates and bring them on an outing with us? Bring a group of at least 10 and you'll receive a complimentary souvenir t-shirt to remember the day, plus, you get to raft with us as our guest!

Call or email us and ask for a Group Leader Packet. It will make your job much easier. Better yet, download the one provided below!

Click here to download a Group Leader Packet (PDF).

Exclusive Trips

Arrangements can be made to paddle with us on non-scheduled days. A minimum party of 8 and advanced reservations with a deposit is required. Call or email us for more information.