How deep is the water?

You can either touch the bottom or you can't. However, as a general rule wherever the river is the deepest it is also the calmest.

Will I get wet?

Yes, that sort of is the point with this activity.

Can I bring my dog?

No, and you can't bring your cat either.

Is the water cold?

In the early spring and late fall, yes, thus the need for wetsuits. During the summer months it is quite refreshing and bathing suits / t-shirts will suffice.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No, your pfd allows you to float whether you can swim or not.

Is it possible the raft could tip over?

Yes, but only if everyone in it stands on one side and pulls the boat over on their heads. It is extremely unlikely that the raft will flip over as a result of the river conditions.

Should I bring along a towel?

No, leave it in your car, along with your change of clothes.

What happens if I fall out of the raft?

You'll get wet. Actually, part of the Safety Talk that precedes every trip is about what to do in the event you fall out of the raft.

Is this dangerous?

You will partake in two very dangerous activities the day of your trip - riding in a vehicle to and from our Site Office. Sadly, there are traffic fatalities every day. On the other hand, our safety record is among the very elite in the paddlesports industry.

Are there fish in the river - or snakes - or alligators?

Yes, there are various species of fish in each of the rivers we operate on. You also may see some harmless water snakes along the way. We're not sure about the gators but we do issue “Gator Wacker” paddles to small children just in case.

What should I do with my 'stuff'?

Lock anything you're afraid you might lose in your car. Leave your keys with the Site Manager and they will be secured until you've returned from the river trip.

Does the river end where it started?

Only on an amusement park ride. A river trip on a naturally flowing waterway always starts at a point 'A' and ends downstream at a point 'B'.

Where do I sit in the boat?

Along the edge of the outside tube because if you fall out of the raft into the water you want to be as close to it as possible. Where and how to sit in the raft is part of the Safety Talk as well.

Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Only if you want to go on the trip.

Can I wear my own life jacket?

Yes, as long as it is a USCG Approved Type III or V and you show it to one of the guides on the trip before getting to the river.

Can I go barefoot?

No, footgear is required and we recommend that you bring your own, although we do sell water shoes on site. Old sneakers or water shoes or secure sandals are best. Crocs are acceptable. Flip flops and / or slides are not allowed.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, and there are numerous opportunities to take some incredible pictures but it is possible; you could drop it in the river, or on a rock, or something else bad could happen to it. It's your camera and your choice. As an alternative, we do offer waterproof disposable cameras for sale.

What if I have to go to the bathroom during the trip?

I'd recommend the following advice; 'leaves of three, leave them be', either that or buy some calamine lotion on the way home - you'll need it.

How fast are we going?

That depends on the rate at which the river is flowing and how well you are maneuvering the raft. The trip is designed to be at a leisurely pace and we will only go as fast as the slowest raft.

What do we do if it rains?

We get wet. All trips proceed rain or shine. We will not run the river in extremely inclement weather; like a combination of high winds, low temperatures, and snow or in dangerous weather such as severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings.

Do I have to paddle?

You're kidding, right? Paddling is what propels the raft forward and moves it left or right around rocks and other obstacles in the river bed.

Can I bring a cooler?

No, but you are welcome to bring bottled water or Gatorade, or a light snack if you wish.

Does this wetsuit make me look fat?

Yes, but then again, they make everyone look fat.

Can I bring along some beer or other adult beverages?

No, unless you want to sit in the parking lot waiting for your friends that actually went on the raft trip to get back from all the fun they had without you.

Is there a guide in every boat?

No, but generally, people that really would like a guide in their raft will get one.

Can I request a specific guide?

Yes, most certainly. Besides, they like to feel wanted.